Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Patio Furniture From the Sun This Summer

After a cool winter, we’re all looking forward to warmer temperatures. As you start thinking about a summer of fun in the sun, it’s a great time to prepare your patio furniture for the sweltering season ahead. Just like any other item left out in the sun, your metal patio furniture can be expected to show some wear and tear because of UV rays, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t slow down the sun’s damage.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can protect your patio furniture this summer.

Shade it.

Just like our skin, the best way to protect your patio furniture from the harsh UV rays of summer is to keep it in the shade. Well, that might seem counterintuitive, because the whole purpose of using patio furniture is for you to enjoy it in the sunshine, right? Consider organizing your furniture so that it’s not in full, direct sunlight to help it keep it out of the constant, damaging effects of the sun.

Powder coat it.

Powder coating your patio furniture is the equivalent of covering your skin in sunscreen. It creates a layer of protection between the metal item and the harsh UV rays, slowing the progression of the damage caused by the sun. Though it won’t last forever, powder coating can help your furniture resist fading and rust, giving it a great finish for longer than any other wet paint product.

Store it.

Once the summer season is over and you find yourself spending less time on the patio, it’s a good time to store your outdoor furniture. Store it in a shed, garage, or another covered space to eliminate extra UV ray exposure throughout the year. Storage can also help to prevent other damaging weather changes, like rain, snow, and strong winds.
Is your patio furniture ready for the sunny, San Marcos summer? As you plan your patio layout, let our crew at Electro Tech Powder Coatings give your patio furniture a gorgeous, lasting finish that will help it withstand the sun’s damage for years to come. Call (760) 746-0292 for a free estimate today!

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