The Science Behind Powder Coating

What is Powder Coating?

Quite often, we hear that baking is a science. Consider the skill necessary to turn raw ingredients into cake. Get it right, delicious perfection awaits. Get it wrong, throw it all away. Powder coating is very similar in that regard due to the process of how the process builds from start to finish.

First… What is powder coating?

It’s a method of applying special, electrically-charged powder to grounded parts. This powder adheres to a given part through an electrostatic attraction. Eventually, heat is added to flow the powder together and cure it into the durable, long-lasting finish that a reputable powder coating shop like Electro Tech Coatings provides its customers.

During the process, diffused powder leaves the spray gun toward the object. This is where a high voltage, low amperage power unit supplies a charging electrode at the front of the spray gun. This electrode emits a field charge upon all the powder particles, enabling them to attach themselves to the object from almost any angle (known as wraparound). This facet represents a huge benefit of powder coating rounded items, such as roll bars and roll cages in competition vehicles, relative to painting. The threat of drips and running is eliminated, leaving a much more professional finish as a result.

Electro Tech Coatings Powder Coating Walkthrough & FAQ

“The painter is just like the race car driver–he’s the hero. And the shop manager–well, he’s like the crew chief. Everyone else is like the pit crew, it’s really exciting,” this was the picture that owner and operator of Electro Tech Coatings, Adam Mitchell, conjured up as we stepped inside his facility to get the play-by-play on the powder coating process for Project Tiger’s Eye’s wheels.” Read this powder coating walk through article here

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