San Diego Bike Frame Powder Coating

Where Every Bike Frame Powder Coating Job is Custom

We’ve come to expect everything to be within easy reach, from the answers to our strange, spur-of-the-moment questions to our groceries to our mates, for this weekend and forever. But that constant convenience hasn’t come cheaply. We’ve isolated ourselves behind our phones and tablets. And, in turn, we’ve lost some of our appreciation for the subtle nuances of life, including the things we’ve wrought with our own hands. That way of life hasn’t disappeared entirely, but it’s fading fast. We take a lot of pride in being one of its last thriving outposts.

Here, at Electro Tech Powder Coating—and this, we know, is going to start to sound like a commercial, but it’s our honest experience—every customer offers up a new challenge, whether it’s powder coating a bike frame or a local fabricator’s limited run, we approach each piece with careful consideration for its unique features. Sure, there’s overlap in our work, but there are also always specific issues with everything that comes through our San Diego powder coating shop. The methodology serves as a template, but, ultimately, how a given piece is treated is determined by our small, but well experienced, crew, usually after a bit of problem-solving.

Some industries lend themselves to mass production, but ours does not. To us, custom powder coating is a redundant description because the very practice, by nature, is specific to the task at hand. Call us old-school craftsmen, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Nor would, apparently, our ever-loyal customers.

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