A Reliable Partner for Independent Fabricators

Just like you, we’re building our business one customer at a time

One of the most difficult aspects of being an independent fabricator is outsourcing any part of the process. You’ve gone out on your own because you’re confident in your ability. But, your time and resources are limited;you can’t do everything yourself. And because your business is relatively unknown, your margin for error for developing a network of subcontractors that meets your exacting specs is minimal, at best. A wrong turn, maybe two, could be the end of your dream.

We are a family-owned and -operated powder coating shop—the few among us who aren’t family members may as well be. We specialize in custom production work like yours. We operate a batch-oven system, along with another small oven for especially intricate projects, which affords us a great deal of flexibility with orders of all sizes and shapes. So whether it’s a one-off or a full run, we’ll dedicate the same kind of meticulous attention that your product received in your shop prior to its arrival. And we’re right in the industrial hub of North San Diego County, within easy reach of the Barham/Woodland Parkway exit, so dropping off and picking up are two less potential headaches.

And then there’s the powder coating itself, the benefits of which you’re likely already fully aware —the durability, the affordability, the super-clean aesthetic. But there’s even more than that. Yes, we specialize in custom powder coating services, but we’ve also developed a pretty stout reputation through the years for our custom powder coating colors. Come to us with a particular look in mind for your component, and we’ll help you realize it. Just because you’re independent doesn’t mean you should have to compromise. We both are more agile than the large outfits—at least, that’s the way we’ve always approached it.

When you’re building a business a customer at a time, you need partners that you can fully rely on. We’d like to count ourselves among them. But don’t take our word for it. Contact us at 760-746-0292 for a free quote, and allow us to prove our worth.

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