Powder Coating’s About More than Just the Looks

With powder coating, your motorcycle or car will look as fast as it actually is!

So you’re considering powder coating your motorcycle body? You’ve come to the right shop. It’s the smart move for anyone looking to extend the life of his bike. Not to mention, it looks pretty damn cool, too.

But powder coating, foremost, serves a practical purpose. Those custom fenders and gas tank, expensive as they are, are still prone to corrosion. If Mother Nature doesn’t eat them up, the chemicals that cover the road, intentional and otherwise, will. And it takes a lot less time than you’re thinking. Powder coating, more so than any other kind, will safeguard your bike from all of it—the constant barrage of sand, errant gravel and debris, humidity.

That out of the way, back to the part that piqued your interest in the first place: the looks. Powder coating can breathe new life into those parts, even if they’re not that old to begin with. And it’ll keep them looking that way for years to come. Better yet, it’s a means to color the wheels in a uniform hue, too, creating a truly custom look.

When the time comes to pull the trigger—and it will—count us in. Electro Tech is one of the longest-standing powder coating shops in San Diego. Our 13,000-square foot shop is manned by a staff of 20 strong that’s split between two shifts daily, which means that we can provide your bike the same personal and perfectionist attention it receives in your hands.


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