Powder Coating is VOC Free

Powder coating doesn’t produce VOCs like paint and other harsh compound.

With the modern environmental movement in full swing, a lot of adults often reminisce about the countless abuses to the air, water, and land that took place before the world began to understand such effects on ecosystems and organisms alike. Children would often ride behind mosquito control trucks pretending they were flying through the clouds like airplanes, not knowing they were riding in clouds of DDT!

One area that has received a lot of attention in recent years are the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air we breathe, especially indoors. Capable of easily entering the air from solid or liquid sources, VOCs are chemicals found in many commonly used products in both home and industry. Gasoline, new carpeting, fresh paint, even furniture polish releases VOCs into the atmosphere and prolonged exposure can cause illness.

With this being said, one of the benefits of powder coating is the fact that the process produces a negligible amount of VOCs by virtue of it not relying on harsh solvents (either during manufacture or application) in order to work. This environmental benefit, albeit small, reinforces the ideology that when it comes to protecting the planet, every little bit helps. Furthermore, it reinforces why powder coating is better than painting!

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  1. I can see why many companies are starting to powder coat their equipment, especially ones working in public places. I like your point about how powder coating reduces the VOCs in the air. This sounds like a great solution when working with air, water, or in homes.

  2. I had no idea that VOCs were used in common household products. It’s a relief to know that powder coating can help reduce the amount of VOCs in the environment. I will be sure to check this next time I am buying new paint or carpet.

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