Powder Coating Shop Can Handle Large Prototype And One-off Projects

Electro Tech Coatings has the ability to handle larger prototype and one-off projects within its production facility

Everyone at Electro Tech Coatings is proud to have been part of the team that has allowed our company to carve out a unique niche as a highly respected powder coating shop in the San Diego area. We have been expanding our horizons as of late as new and intriguing opportunities presented themselves to us. Our facility has taken on several prototype projects and one-off production units for large manufacturers given our ability to powder coat objects up to 20 feet long.

Our specialty is in customized production work. So, whether the product is a “one-off” or you are ready to produce 100’s of items, Electro Tech will strive to provide you with timely, quality-controlled powder coating service.

This is all the more flattering when one considers the importance of prototyping; they allow designers & fabricators from a given firm to test design features and address any issues that may arise before production. Prototypes can also be used to provide a durable, finished, and aesthetically pleasing visual model for financiers to consider prior to investing capital. Given these facts, firms are invited to bring their prototypes to Electro Tech before important presentations or technical peer reviews.

We openly invite manufacturers to send us their specifications or drawings for a bid on how powder coating can benefit them.

Either way, our experienced staff will exercise the utmost caution and care in taking care of your prototype and ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the result.

For over 20 years, Electro Tech Powder Coating has proudly and skillfully met the needs of countless individuals and businesses throughout the San Diego County area. We have always believed in getting the job done right the first time and on time. We’ve proven to be leaders in offering custom powder coating services, all the while treating clients like family. Contact us today at (760) 746-0292 to receive a FREE estimate and discover why discerning clients trust Electro Tech for all their powder coating needs!