Powder Coating for Optimal Durability and Design

Powder coating is a dry finishing technique that is usually applied electrostatically to surfaces, and creates a soft new layer with vibrant colors. In addition to aesthetic improvements, this “skin”a mixture of resins, fillers, and pigmentscan increase the durability of materials. It also improves resistance to weather, corrosion, and impact, among other benefits. There are many applications for powder coating, like wheels, chassis, freezers, mailboxes, pipelines, and even trailers. Basically, any object can be powder coated as long as it can withstand the electrostatic charge and the extreme heat of of the curing process.

Here Comes the Sun!

If you’re like us and you live in San Diego, chances are you love going to the beach and getting a tan. Well, you might love California’s weather, but it turns out that metal parts and the sun don’t get along very well. In fact, the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight can be devastating to both your motorcycle and your lawn chairs. That’s why many of our customers choose powder coating over painting to ensure maximum protection for their vehicles and outdoor products.

It’s important to highlight that powder coating is not entirely weather proof. If it’s constantly exposed to salty air and water, it can eventually break down. So, yes, rainy days aren’t ideal either! However, powder coating does go a long way toward protecting metal surfaces and making them more resistant to water and UV radiation.

Unique Wheels

The automotive industry has helped to popularize powder coating in the last years. It’s easy to understand the reason if you think about the wheels of a car. They usually catch people’s eyes because they’re easy to spot and there are many designs available. While most people prefer gray shades, powder coating gives you the power to go beyond the ordinary. Why don’t you try unique colors to give your vehicle more style and make it stand out on the streets? No matter how conventional or weird your taste is, a car should suit your personal preference. Make it your own with powder coating!
Powder coating is environmentally safe and can make your metal parts look better and last longer. At Electro Tech Powder Coating, we can develop custom powder coating colors to meet your specific needs. Contact us through our website or just call (760) 746-0292 to get a free estimate.

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  1. My dad advised us to have a powder coating with our car. I told him that we will consider it. So it really helped when you said that it improves weather, corrosion, and impact resistance. Next month, we’ll try if we can cut out our budget and allocate some for a powder coating.

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