Part Preparation

Whether in the kitchen or in the garage, the key to doing a good job is in the preparation. In the case of powder coating, a clean, etched surface is the ideal way to ensure an even coating. But before we clean and etch the parts we ask that you bring them to us ready to prep. Here are some tips:

  • Disassemble the parts you want coated separately. Assembled parts will be coated as a unit and may not be removable without damaging the coating.
  • Remove all non-metal parts such as:ornaments, plastic adornments. bushings, electrical wiring, feet, pads or webbing.
  • Clean off excess oils or fluids, grease and road grime.

Pot metal and cast parts require additional prep called, “outgassing.” When heated, these metals release gasses that can become trapped in the powder coating as it cures. By pre-heating these items before coating, we hope to reduce or eliminate this, but cannot guarantee a bubble-free finish.

Prep.Wheels just sandblasted Prep.Masked Wheel

To learn more about our powder coating services, including our large batch oven that is ideal for manufacturers and metal fabricators, contact us and we will be happy to show you the difference that Electro Tech’s superior service makes.

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