Highly Durable Custom Motorcycle Powder Coating

Custom motorcycles (choppers) lend themselves well to custom powder coating.

Among the most famous, and most clichéd, of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cinematic one-liners, “Get to the chopper!” from Predator (1987) has been uttered by countless fans around the world. Moviegoers knew that Arnold was referring to a helicopter, but motorcycle fans think of something entirely different when they hear the word “chopper”.

Indeed, the birth of the chopper can trace its roots back to the 1950’s when many of the ornate components of older motorcycles were removed in order to lighten the bikes and improve their performance… Such modifications were popular with more dedicated enthusiasts. However, their popularity soared thanks to the film, Easy Rider (1969). Soon, chopper was used when referring to any form of customized motorcycle.

For traditionalists, the only way to create a chopper is to do things their way. Therefore, motorcycle powder coating is a great option for personalized chopper builds because the finish is highly durable, available in a wide variety of colors, and capable of much shorter turnarounds relative to paint jobs. The latter benefit is helpful in allaying the concerns of anxious owners when they inevitably pose the question, “How long does powder coating take?”

Remember, great builds take time… Know that Electro Tech Coatings will be there to help your dream become a reality.

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