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These are the questions we are asked most frequently, if you have others, please contact us at adam@electrotechcoatings.com.

What can be Powder Coated?
bicycles gates tools
fences wrought iron work car chassis
carparts bed frames chairs & tables
patio furniture motorcycles appliance parts
dune buggy frames window frames cabinet hardware
 almost anything metal…
What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a resin based product with different ingredients added for various applications – polyester, epoxy, urethane, or a hybrid mixture. Each offers a unique combination of desirable characteristics:

Providing: Resistance to:
durability wear
resilience corrosion
high-gloss or semi-gloss impact
electrical insulation chemical action
toughness weather

We also offer a moisture-resistant PLASTIC Coating – Great for items with lots of outdoor exposure.

Why should I choose Powder Coating?

If you want a finer quality, longer lasting color finish than what you can get with ordinary liquid paint. Powder coating is the way to go.

Today almost 15% of all protective coatings applied today are powder coating and that number continues to grow. Consumers have grown to expect and request the quality and durability of Powder Coating.

Does Powder Coating prevent rust?

Powder coating is durable and very long-lasting depending on its environment and how the items are used. It is not, however, a rust preventive. Pre-treatment and/or primer coating is helpful for longer coating life.

Can galvanized metal be powder coated?

Yes! Certain pre-treatment or “out-gassing” is required before coating, but both hot dip and electro galvanized materials can be powder coated.

How do I have my items Powder Coated?
  • Remove all plastic, rubber, wood & excess oil or grease from your items.
  • Bring your items to be coated into our facility during business hours.
  • Choose the color you want from the many colors we carry in stock or order a special color.
  • We prep your items, coat them and have them ready for you to pick up on your appointed delivery date.
For auto parts: Remember that we use sandblasting to prepare your parts for coating. You must be sure to thoroughly clean your parts of residual sand before you use them!
Need More Info?

We would love to help you with your powder coating questions and of course we look forward to doing business with you. Let us know how we can help you. Send us your questions or other comments at adam@electrotechcoatings.com

Trust all of your custom powder coating requirements to Electro Tech Coatings. Call us today at (760) 746-0292.

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  1. It’s good to know that pre-treatment an/or primer coating is helpful to prevent rust. I’m having some structural steel powder coated but also want to avoid rust. I live in a very humid beach town, so rust can occur quite easily if one is not careful.

  2. I am thinking of getting my walls powder coated over the initial coats of paint and you make a great point that powder coating is durable and long lasting. This is a huge benefit because it will make it cost-effective in the long run. Also, I had no idea that you can choose from many different colors and this way I can choose colors that will match my home and can provide a modern look.

  3. I didn’t realize that powder coating has a longer lasting color finish than liquid paint. My brother has been talking about getting something like this done on his car. It’s interesting that it will help it to last longer and it’s definitely something that my brother would look for since he tries to take really good care of his cars.

  4. I had no idea that powder coating can help provide a finer quality, longer lasting color finish than a normal unprotected paint job. My friend works in the manufacturing business, and is wondering how to protect his newly painted equipment. I’ll have to recommend that he find a powder coating business in his area that can help him protect his equipment from damage and fading color.

  5. It is good that you pointed out that powder coating is the one commonly used protective coating today and almost 15% of all protective coating have that powder coating. Since my father has been thinking of re-painting the furniture at home, that will most likely help him as that is durable and enduring as well. I will simply help him find the right powder coating for his re-painting job.

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