How Durable Are Powder-Coated Wheels

You Love the Look, But Just How Durable Are Powder-Coated Wheels?

You arrived here because you were sitting at an intersection today when you caught a gunmetal Range Rover with matte-black wheels rolling past in the other direction. And you thought, for about the three hundredth time this month, I want that!

Those wheels, they’re following you everywhere—Mission Valley, Trader Joe’s, the movies, the beach. It’s fair to say you’ve been lusting after them longer than any girl of recent memory. And now it seems you’re finally ready to act upon it. Sure, you’ve pined over countless sets of wheels plenty of times before—so much so that you’ve become deeply paranoid about people looking over your shoulder while you’re staring down at your phone in line—but now you’re forming a game plan: to paint or powder-coat?

What is powder coating?

It’s a resin-based product that’s made from a combination of ingredients that varies slightly depending on the desired outcome. Basically, the formula can be tweaked to make the powder coating especially resistant to corrosion, or high-gloss or durable.

Just how durable is powder coating?

Let’s put it this way: Powder coating comprises 15 percent of all protective coatings today, and that share’s only increasing. It’s not just its versatility—almost anything metal can be powder coated—it’s also its strength. Powder coating doesn’t prevent rust, but it is more resistant to the elements and everyday wear and tear than paint because it’s applied thicker, which also gives it a cleaner finished look.

But the looming question remains, can you get those wheels in matte black? Yep. We do custom powder coating colors.

You know what you need to do now: Contact us for a free estimate of the cost to powder coat your wheels. It’s time to flip the script on that drive-by and leave someone else flush with envy.


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  1. I want to make sure that my wheels look nice. I didn’t know that powder coating was such a good method to go about doing that! It’s so nice that you can paint them with it and have it last so long.

  2. Thank you for pointing out that metal can be powder coated. This seems like a great way to give extra durability to anything. Hopefully, anyone looking to get something powder coated finds the best company to do this for them.

  3. That’s surprising that 15 percent of protective coatings today are done with powder coating. This is good to know since my son is looking to coat his rims to make sure they last for a long time. We’ll have to find a place that does powder coating so he can take his rims in and see if he can get the powder coated since it seems to be strong.

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