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I build motorcycles and have used several different powdercoating facilities. I tried Electro-Tech about 8 years ago and have been using them ever since. The parts are done quickly and correctly with very high quality.....every time! I read one review where the guy didn't get all the answers he wanted over the phone. I would say this is the type of service where you really need to talk in person while seeing and touching stuff. I always go in and get great service!!

Richard P., San Francisco, CA

I had Electro Tech powder coat my C6 wheels gloss black, came out flawless. Excellent work and service, thanks ElectroTech!

And Rebecca the desk girl had great customer service. Thanks for the military discount! Thumps up!

Kyle L., La Mesa, CA

Awesome family owned business ! I've had my wheels done from them on my last 3 cars and they are always amazing!

Josh T., San Diego, Google Local Guide

Best powder Coating for BMX bikes...I have had several BMX frames, forks, bars, and parts done here and they have all turned out amazing!!!! Customer service is the best. Great staff and fantastic follow through. Perfect customer service every time!!!! They tell you what they can do at a great price and follow through. I have had great results on every part I have had powder coated! Feels good to have a great place to get quality results for what my business needs. BRAVO!!!! AND THANK YOU ELECTROTECH!!!!!

Matt J.

My bike was awesome before but now it even more awesome.

I hemmed and hawed about it for a long time with conversations that generally went like this:
Me: "My bike is scratched up... I think I might get it powdercoated."
Friend: "Duuude... what are you thinking... you're riding a classic Colnago - you'll lose detail in the lugs if you powdercoat! Don't do it!"

Me: "My bike is scratched up... I think I might get it powdercoated."
Another Friend: "I heard of this one guy that had a vintage steel frame that the fuckers at the powdercoat place blew a hole in it with their sandblaster. Don't do it!"

So, stomach in knots I took my bike to Electro Tech - I touched my frame gently as the man behind the counter took it, as if to say good-bye.

They did an amazing job.

The bike looks like new. There is alarming depth to the color. There is a shine like the bike hasn't seen in probably 15 years. There is definition and clarity to the lugs.

Most importantly - there is a practically bulletproof finish on my frame that probably added years to its life. 

Marc N., Encinitas, CA