Completely Customized BMX Bike

If you thought your bike frame was a thing of beauty, just wait!

We Powder Coat Bicycles
Just ask Adam’s nephew, Colton, about the BMX bike he had coated in a bright “ANTIFREEZE”. WE HAVE COLORS COLORS COLORS!
There is no limit to the combinations of colors and textures available.

You took the time and spent the money to upgrade your Mongoose L100 to your precise specs—Animal Butcher pegs, Odyssey A+ wheels and Ross V2 tires, Fyxation Gates pedals. And it’s everything you imagined it would be: stiff as carbon, light as air and completely indestructible. You’re turning heads before you even pull a single stunt. But the fact that you can freestyle means that you truly own that machine.

And yet, there’s still something missing. There’s not a stock part attached to that beautiful frame, but it still doesn’t feel entirely your own. Then it hit you. Google “bike frame powder coating” and get yourself a custom look.

You’ve had a color scheme in mind all along. But it didn’t occur to you until a couple minutes ago that the one piece you didn’t swap out was up for consideration, too. You don’t have to live with a factory finish. In fact, we can even move the discussion beyond basic black, royal blue and neon pink. Everything we powder coat is a custom job. So this is your chance to conjure up something truly one-of-a-kind. Let there be no misunderstanding when you ride out of here; this is your bike, and your bike alone.

Powder coating bikes is what we do, so allow us to describe just how smart the decision is that you’re about to make.

Powder coating is more durable than paint. If you thought your bike could take a beating before, it’ll barely break a sweat now. Not only will you find the color you want, we can also adjust the gloss and make it especially resilient against savage conditions (and you).

Every other choice you made here was guided by performance and looks. This one is no different. Your frame’s going to hold up to wear even better now, and it’ll look like a beast from the top of the food chain as it does. That’s a lot to live up to, but we’re sure you can handle it. Call us today at 760-746-0292 (North San Diego area) and lets get your BMX powder coated customized!

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  1. I hated scraping me bicycles so fast from doing flatland tricks. I think this would be a great alternative. I wonder if the powder coating would be just as shiny as the real paint?

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