What Car Parts Can Be Powder Coated

Powder coating car parts helps protect someone’s automotive pride and joy!

We’re a car crazy culture. Those who love cars more than others often do so by building (or purchasing) a specialized “toy”. Be it a throwback car from one’s youth, a timeless classic, or an exhilarating race car, many Americans have a car dedicated to enjoyment rather than the daily commute.

To help the object of their affections withstand the abuse of road & track, many of these individuals will have considered the benefits of powder coating when specifying finishes.

Why? Because super durable powder coating can be applied to any object that can hold an electrostatic charge. In the context of automobiles, this makes practically any make and model produced in the last 120 years prime candidates for the process because iron, steel, and aluminum are the most common metal types found in cars.

Examples of automotive parts that can be powder coated

  • Chassis and frames
  • Springs and swaybars
  • Shock and strut bodies
  • Roll bars and roll cages
  • Wheels
  • Oil pans
  • Brackets

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