Our Team

Family Owned & Operated

Experts at customized production work, powder coating, metal household items, and powder coating's efficiency.

Adam Mitchell and his family welcome you to come find out what a difference the personal touch makes in your overall powder coating experience. Since Adam is ultimately responsible for every aspect of the work that leaves our shop, he makes sure that customer satisfaction is everyone's number one concern.

The entire Mitchell family takes part in providing a quality experience at Electro Tech. Adam's wife, Denise, tends to the bookkeeping and accounts payable while also managing Adam's busy family and household.

Allen (Adam's dad) serves as Job Estimator and Troubleshooter, but most of his work is behind the scenes, keeping tabs on the operations and making sure that everything continues to run smoothly.

Adam's mom and brother help out, too. Linda does some of the computer work and Scott fills in when we need an extra hand to get a job out in a hurry.

Our driver, Norm Reynolds, also happens to be Adam's father-in-law. We are lucky to have him as our personal liaison to some of our commercial customers. Norm never seems to have a bad day. We count on him to safely pick up and deliver finished goods almost every day.

You'll find current new about us and photos of our customers' finished products on our Facebook page.


Mike Danjou is Adam's long-time friend and a very talented fabricator in his own right. Mike manages our dayshift of powder coating employees and often puts his personal touch to items that require special attention. We rely on Mike to assure that our quality is second to none.

Bud Balmer is also a long-time friend and reliable supervisor for the evening shift. We count on Bud to oversee our production jobs, keep the crew on schedule, and load the truck for delivery the next day.

Powder Coating by Electro Tech Coatings serves all of San Diego County and surrounding areas and you can contact us at 1 (760) 746-0292

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