Why Is Powder Coating Better Than Painting

You pulled a major coup. Last week, wandering through Kobey’s Summer Night Market, you turned the corner, and there they were: a pair of midcentury metal patio chairs, the kind that are being snatched up for a couple hundred bucks apiece on eBay. They looked their age (and then some), but structurally, they were sound. You handed over $30 for them, loaded them into the back of your car and waited until you were tucked into the driver’s seat to let a wide smile spread across your face.


But now what? You know you need to get these chairs looking pristine to rake in your rightful profit. A coating

Planter boxes

Planter boxes

(or 10) of spray paint’s not going to cut it. A quick search told you, at least, that powder coating is better than painting (because it’s, foremost in this case, more durable and resistant to corrosion), which led you here. Good move.

What can you powder coat?

So let us tell you how we can help. First, we’ve been around for over two decades, so yours isn’t the first piece of patio furniture we’ve come across. In fact, if you’ve started to wonder, at this point, What, exactly, can you powder coat, the answer would be shorter if we listed what you couldn’t. Almost 15 percent of all protective coatings applied today are powder coating, and that number’s steadily rising.


We can develop a custom powder coating color to restore your chairs to their original high-gloss cherry red, or, if you’re catering to a more modern-minded buyer, a semi-gloss gunmetal. And we use a batch oven system that provides us with a greater measure of flexibility with custom projects, which translates to a faster turnaround. So you’ll have those chairs online before the week’s end.


The vintage finds may not come as easily as this one. But once they do, know that you can turn to Electro Tech Powder Coating in San Diego to help you capitalize.


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