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Vehicle Parts

Vehicle Parts

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Powder Coating Vehicle Parts

Sometimes a fresh shine on a set of valve covers can make all the difference in a dreary engine compartment. But where it seems to have the most impact is the wheels. Wow, it’s amazing how great a car looks with a “new” set of powder coated wheels. Adam and his staff don’t want you to be more than a day without your car. So, they will help you make arrangements to have your wheels taken off your car, delivered to us in the morning, finished in the afternoon, and sent back for remounting, so you can show off your “new” kicks that night. It’s no wonder we do so many sets of wheels at Electro Tech.

Whether you want to know the cost of powder coating rims, or how a powder coating can enhance your vehicle and extend its life, contact us to discover the limitless options in powder coating.

2 Buggies
2 Buggies

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Vehicle.Dune Buggy
Dune Buggy
Vehicle.Sprint Car
Sprint Car
Vehicle.MC Rim
MC Rim
Vehicle.Orange Wheels
Orange Wheels
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Green Wheel





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Army MC


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