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Friendly, Competent and Reliable

Electro Tech Powder Coating Powder Coating Friendly, Competent and Reliable

Powder Coating

Friendly, Competent and Reliable

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In business for over two decades, we are a local company that has been providing high quality powder coating services to small and large Commercial, Industrial & Residential customers. We provide an affordable high quality professional finish to metal. Our goal is to provide professional quality and efficient powder coating services, for projects of all sizes, to the public and commercial clients with friendly, competent and reliable services.

Here's Adam helping a  customer
Here’s Adam helping a powder coating customer

Where Can I Find Power Coating Service in Southern California?

At Electro Tech Coatings, we specialize in both household and commercial powder coating jobs of all sizes. Electro Tech powder coating services have a proven track record of quality and dependability, and we serve San Diego and the surround southern California areas. Our family owned and operated powder coating company has built our business by providing top-quality powder coating services on time and on budget.

To learn more about our services, including our large batch oven that is ideal for manufacturers and metal fabricators, contact us  or call 760-746-0292and we will be happy to show you the difference that Electro Tech’s superior service makes.


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