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Discover Durable Power Coating and Personalized Service with Electro Tech Coatings

Electro Tech Powder Coating Discover Durable Power Coating and Personalized Service with Electro Tech Coatings

Discover Durable Power Coating and Personalized Service with Electro Tech Coatings

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If you are investigating the option of powder coating, you are well on your way to providing the most durable finish to your objects available. Super durable powder coating far exceeds paint as a finishing option, and powder-coated items will retain a vibrant, smooth, protected finish despite heavy use or extreme elements. However, if you are still unsure whether powder coating is worth the investment, Electro Tech Coatings can help you learn more about this process.

What Are Some Common Questions People Have About Powder Coating? Powder Coating Bicycles

One of the most common questions we get from our clients is, “how long will powder coating last?” Unfortunately, there is no firm answer to this question, because as with any finish, the longevity depends on the item, use, elements, and other environmental factors. However, without a doubt, powder coating is still far more durable and will last longer than standard paint. For example, for those wondering “how durable is powder coating on wheels,” the answer is that it is very durable, but road conditions are not the same as indoor environments. Powder coating will still yield years of protection, but items exposed to extreme conditions may not have the same lifespan as those seldom used items in a regulated environment.

Another common question clients have is, “how long does power coating take?” This too depends on the object and its current condition. Some items need extensive preparation, like sandblasting, and larger items may extend turnaround time. While many companies try to give you vague estimates sight unseen, the best way to determine the job time is to get a direct quote from the powder coating provider. For example, at Electro Tech, we carefully consider object prep time, size, customization, and current workload when quoting a timeframe to our clients. However, with two shifts and an expanded staff, we definitely have an excellent turnaround time in comparison to other providers in the area.

If you are still on the fence about investing in powder coating, we invite you to call 760-746-0292 and speak with  the Electro Tech team so that we can give you the individualized information and quote you need.

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