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Make Your Old Bike Look Like New with Powder Coating

Electro Tech Powder Coating Make Your Old Bike Look Like New with Powder Coating

Make Your Old Bike Look Like New with Powder Coating

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Bike Frame Powder CoatingBike Frame Powder Coating

Fun things can be expensive these days and when you shell out top dollar for exercise, entertainment and transportation, you have an expectation of durability and long use from a quality made product. The truth of the matter is that most everything wears fades or breaks down from regular or constant use and the negative issues with the environment do not help in a lot of cases.

Intense sunlight on a regular basis can fade the color of just about any metal or cause peeling of the paint. Pollutants in the air and the rain do not help matters any and further the deterioration of the finish. The result is a gradual dull finish or parts of the metal fully exposed without protection.

Automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles and even off road vehicles all are victims of the sun’s harmful rays and other nasty elements as exists in our environment. Thankfully, there is a way to repair this unsightly damage at reasonable prices and will make your toys look like new.

Electro Tech Coatings is a family owned and operated company specializing in the finishing and re-finishing of painted metal products. While many of our clients are in the manufacturing sector, we are rapidly expanding the consumer customer base for items such as bicycles and patio furniture and other metal objects.

The process, for example in bike frame powder coating applications, is to apply electrically charged powder coating to grounded parts. The powder adheres to the surface by this electrostatic process until heat is added which allows the powder to flow and cure.

Powder coating bikes or any other metal surface is not only long lasting but appealing to the eye.

Electro Tech Coating stands by our high standards of quality and will always ensure customer satisfaction.  We also commit to completing the work on time or before.

Our powder coating application is used on many metal surfaces including steel, chrome, aluminum and titanium to create a brilliant and long lasting finish.  Our personalized service and attention to detail has seen us grow to a staff of 20 employees operating under two shifts.

Over 200 colors are available for you to choose from and if we can’t match your color to your desire, we will arrange to have it custom made to your liking. San Diego powder Coating by Electro Tech Coatings serves all of San Diego county and surrounding areas and you can contact us at 1 (760) 746-0292.

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