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Spruce up Your Patio with Powder Coated Furniture

Electro Tech Powder Coating Spruce up Your Patio with Powder Coated Furniture

Spruce up Your Patio with Powder Coated Furniture

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Powder Coating FurniturePowder Coating Furniture

With an average annual temperature of 71 degrees and an average of 300 sunny days, San Diego sure is one of the premier places to live year round. Outdoor activities abound each day in one of the most comfortable climates in the USA.

But for all great things, there has to be a price to pay for our pleasure. It is no secret that the sun beams harmful rays that can cause both skin and paint to peel. Even in the rainier months of late winter and late fall, the rain carries pollutants lingering in the environment and sky that can damage some of our most prized possessions. Add to that the salt water coming from the ocean and you will soon see that painted metal products don’t stand a chance over time.

While this is a fact of life thankfully, there is a way to remedy any discoloration, chipping and peeling of your belongings such as patio furniture, barbecues and even your vehicles. Electro Tech Coatings provides powder coating services that will restore your metal pieces to look brand new.

The application involves the spraying of powder on to a grounded metal piece which creates an electrostatic effect that adheres the powder to the piece. Heat is then applied to ensure a consistent powder flow and evenness and begins the curing process.

Metal deck chairs and tables are a prime candidate for powder coating furniture due to its exposure to the elements all year long. Barbecue hoods and frames are equally susceptible to the outside elements and the life span grows greatly through the application of powder coating and its resistance to high temperatures, corrosion and fading.

Electro Tech Coatings has been in the powder coating business in San Diego for over 15 years and we take pride in our attention to detail. No product leaves our facility unless we are 100 per cent satisfied with the work. This same assurance is extended to our customers and if you are not happy, we will re-do the piece.

We have a wide range of over 200 colors to accommodate your outdoor taste and décor. If your color does not match our swatches then we will happily arrange to have it custom made.

There are many other products that are suitable for powder coating such as bicycle frames, tools, garden decorations and more. Contact us at 1(760) 746-0292 for more information on services.

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