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Powder Coating Bicycles for Work, Pleasure or Play

Electro Tech Powder Coating Powder Coating Bicycles for Work, Pleasure or Play

Powder Coating Bicycles for Work, Pleasure or Play

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Powder Coating BicyclesPowder Coating Bike Frames

Bicycles have been around long before any motorized transportation and were an excellent means of travel for short distances back in the days of old. Like most other things, bicycles have evolved and have become an integral part of our society for many reasons.

People ride bicycles for a number of reasons these days, not the least of which is for pleasure. Since your training wheels were removed your bicycle was a way of life as a kid by getting together with your friends, riding to the baseball diamond or delivering your newspapers.

Today, bicycles have become a work tool as well and serve many that commute a short distance to the office or workplace. Bicycle couriers count on their versatility to make their pick ups and deliveries with ease within a bustling city that is sometimes full of automobile traffic.

Nevertheless, bicycles have a life span and are subject to the elements of the outside world such as harmful rays of the sun and pollution carried through the air or rain. These conditions can cause the paint finish on a bike to fade, chip or disappear over time.

One of Electro Tech Coatings’ specialties is restoring bicycle frames such that they can look and feel brand new again.

A special application is used for powder coating bicycles by way of a spraying of paint on a grounded metal article with an electrostatic process. The powder adheres to the surface and then heat is applied to properly distribute the flow and evenness of the powder and allows it to begin the curing process.

Powder Coating For Bikes In Over 200 colors
Powder Coating For Bikes In Over 200 colors

Over 200 colors are available to choose from and in the unlikely event that we cannot match your color perfectly; we can arrange to have the color custom made. A brilliant finish will be yours to admire and show off as you pedal the streets.

If you ride in competitions along country tracks and hills, you know how those conditions can be especially harsh on the bike frame and its paint. Stones along the course can chip the paint and start the peeling and discoloration of the bike. Electro Tech Coatings can make it look new again. The powder coating bike frame cost is reasonable and more than pays for itself over time.

Electro Tech has been in business for over 15 years and we take pride in our dedication to customer service. A high standard of quality control and the ability to deliver our work on time has made us a leader in custom powder coating in the San Diego area.

Whether you have a bike that you need restored, or you need help with restoration of other items like gates, outside furniture, or even cabinets, we’ve got you covered with our expert powder coating services. Please contact us at (760) 746-0292 and ask about how we can serve you with the highest quality and customer service.

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