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Powder Coating is Here to Stay

Electro Tech Powder Coating Powder Coating is Here to Stay

Powder Coating is Here to Stay

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Powder Coating ApplicationsPowder Coating Applications

The process of powder coating has been around for over 60 years. Developed in the late 1940’s, metallic based objects were spray coated in a powder form. While there were many components used in the applications that created electric insulation as well as corrosion and abrasion resistance properties, it was the Bosch Company that developed the epoxy resin powder that was a suitable electric insulation material.

At that time, powder coating applications were deemed expensive and as such many modifications were made along the way through continuous innovation. Over the decades these innovations spawned a worldwide growth and by the 1980’s the experts conceived a product that was not only useful but came at a reasonable cost.

Today, powder coating is a forgone conclusion and is used for manufacturing processes, governments and military along with your average consumer. A quality powder coating shop can restore your metal pieces to a brilliant finish and shine at a fraction of the cost of replacing your items.

Electro Tech Coatings has been one of the beneficiaries of this decades old process and we have built our company on the principles of high level of quality and a commitment to customer service. A family owned and operated company, Electro Tech Coatings has grown to 20 employees working two shifts due to its attention to detail and timely deliveries.

Virtually any metal piece can be brought back to life with quality powder coating. San Diego has been home to Electro Tech Coatings for over 15 years restoring many metal pieces including bicycle frames, automotive parts, exhaust systems and many items in and around your home.

Garden decorations, patio furniture, gates and fences are all fixtures in the home that deteriorate over time due to outdoor elements. Harmful sun rays, pollutants in the air and rain and salt water from the ocean all contribute to the breakdown of paint on your metal objects. Chipping, peeling and fading paint can give an otherwise beautifully constructed product a dull look.

Electro Tech Coatings can remedy these issues and have over 200 colors with which to choose to make your items look brand new again. And, for new products such as aftermarket exhaust systems and manifolds, our high temperature powder coating applications will protect the surfaces for years to come.

Before you throw away some of your unsightly metal pieces, be sure to contact us at (760) 746-0292 and ask about how we can restore your possessions.

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