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How To Identify Powder Coating

Electro Tech Powder Coating How To Identify Powder Coating

How To Identify Powder Coating

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Discover Powder Coating—This Durable Finish Can Help You Transform Everyday Items

If you have never heard of the concept of powder coating, you may be surprised to learn that you interact with powder coated items every day. Powder coating is a unique, durable finish for metal items that can be customized with a variety of colors and color effects.

How is Powder Coating Used?

You may be wondering how to identify powder coating, and it can be as simple as looking around your home. For example, appliances like stand mixers are commonly powdered coated, giving the mixer’s body that smooth, colorful finish that lasts for years. Patio furniture, playground equipment, park benches, bicycle frames, and even household tools may be powder coated. Beyond household uses, types ofPowder Coating Commercial Metal Fabricators. powder coating finishes also have practical applications.  Powder coating is often used to customize vehicle roll bars and other parts, and is even utilized for outdoor sculptures and light fixtures.

Thermoplastic powder coating is often employed for professional or industrial purposes, but you can still take advantage of this process to enhance your home items. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Refresh work patio furniture
  • Give a hand-me-down bicycle a new and exciting color
  • Preserve garden tools or tool boxes
  • Refinish light fixtures as part of a room makeover
  • Coat rims to customize your vehicle

The practical applications of powder coating are endless, making this process worth investigating. At Electro Tech Powder Coating, we can walk you through the powder coating process, and show you why this damage-resistant finish is such a popular selection for metal items. With over 20 years in the industry, our family owned and operated business is proud to serve families and businesses in the San Diego area. Contact our office, and let us help you harness your creativity through the magic of powder coating.

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