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San Diego Powder Coating

San Diego Powder Coating

Common Misconceptions About San Diego Powder Coating

There are many misconceptions that people have about San Diego powder coating. These myth about powder coating are mostly incorrect nearly 80% of the time. We will explore some of these misconceptions about San Diego powder coating to clear certain beliefs about this coating method. Below are a few of these myths about San Diego powder coating:

Powder Coating Can Be Used on The Same Materials As Wet Paint

This is a false conception about powder coating. Although powder coating has been used as an alternative coating option to wet paint, it is in no way an alternative to wet paint in all materials. This method of finishing can only work on materials that are compatible with electrostatic. Powder coat cannot be used on materials like plastic, wood, rubber, and any other similar material that is not compatible with electrostatic. Hence the primary use of powder coating is to apple on metals.

Powder Coating is Quicker To Dry Than Wet Paint

This is also false. Powder coating doesn't have a specific duration for dry time, although it has a cure time. And since powder remains dry even during the process applying it, there is no drying time like liquid or wet paint. Powder coating does, however, need a cure time where materials are put inside an oven with temperatures reaching over 400 degrees Fahrenheit to bake the powder and turn it into skin or film.

Powder Coating Is Rust And Corrosion Proof

The verdict here is false. Powder coating isn't rust and corrosion proof. Although powder coating sets up a film-shaped barrier on a material, it doesn't prevent rust or corrosion, particularly in exterior parts. It is crucial to treat and apply primer to extend the longevity of the powder coat finish.

Powder Coating is Very Durable That It Can Not Crack or Chip

This another false statement about powder coating. Although powder coat will create a tough skin or shell over the material, it isn't damage proof. Many other options it is disposed to the occasional wear and tear. Under extreme conditions and with poor management, powder coating can crack and once it chips it will act like an eggshell that peels away.

Powder Coating is a Great Option When it Comes To Covering Imperfections

This notion is false to an extent. Since powder is typically added on top a surface, it only seems logical that it will hide any flaws easily. This is true to an extent. The reason why this line of thought is partially false is that when the surface has an obvious discoloration, it can be covered with the powder coat, but this will depend on the nature or color of the discoloration. It may also depend on the color or nature of the powder coat as well.

However, this statement is false regarding covering surface imperfections or dislocation like dents, scratches, and other similar types of imperfections. Even though the powder is applied to a particular surface, it does not act as a filler. It does not hide the above-mentioned types of surface flaws. However, powder coat can highlight many of the imperfections mentioned here and can even make them more visible.


San Diego Powder Coating
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San Diego Powder Coating

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