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Improve Your Motorcycle with Custom Powder Coating

Electro Tech Powder Coating Improve Your Motorcycle with Custom Powder Coating

Improve Your Motorcycle with Custom Powder Coating

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Motorcycle Custom Powder Coating

Powder Coating For Motorcycles
Powder Coating For Motorcycles

Some say there is nothing like hitting the open road on a beautiful sunny day with your motorcycle. The gentle breeze, the aromas of nature, blue skies and fresh air all combine to make your riding experience exhilarating.

Even on cloud covered or rainy days, most riders enjoy the freedoms that a motorcycle trip can bring. Having a well equipped and smartly appointed ride just adds to the enjoyment and can make your motorcycle a head turner.

Electro Tech Coatings specializes in making your ride very easy on the eyes with their motorcycle powder coating process. Exhaust pipes can be coated, manifolds protected and gas tank and fenders custom painted by a unique application that gives you years of enjoyment and a definite sense of pride.

An aluminized ceramic exhaust coating sparkles like chrome and provides a superior resistance against corrosion and pitting. Suitable for parts that can withstand a 500 degree curing temperature, this chrome powder coating is sure to add style and brilliance to your motorcycle.

Choose from over 200 colors to powder coat the fenders and gas tank. Add metal flake or a pearl like appearance and watch the colors dance in the sun. If we do not carry the exact color that you wish, we will have it custom made for you.

Electro Tech Coatings has over 15 years experience in powder coating applications for all things metal. A family owned and operated business; we strive to achieve a high level of satisfaction from our customers by producing quality work, an attention to detail and on time delivery.

Motorcycles are not our only business of course as we provide custom powder coating to automobiles parts, off road vehicles, bicycles and virtually any metal piece around your home that needs a little tender love and care.

Patio furniture, garden decorations, tools, barbecues and gates or fences will all benefit from our powder coating application. Pick your color and you will see your items fully restored to a brilliant finish that will last for years.

Electro Tech Coatings employs a high standard of quality control for all work that we complete. We will not release any piece or part from our facility unless we are 100 per cent satisfied and that same policy is extended to all customers.

With 2 daily shifts operated by 20 people, we are able to have a consistent track record of on time delivery and in some cases earlier than the deadline.

Trust all of your custom powder coating requirements to Electro Tech Coatings. Call us today at (760) 746-0292.

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