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Powder Coating Rims Costs

Electro Tech Powder Coating Powder Coating Rims Costs

Powder Coating Rims Costs

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Powder Coating RimsCost To Powder Coat Wheel Rims

Of all the parts and accessories on the exterior of your vehicle, none take more abuse than your wheels. Cars, motorcycles, camping trailers and off road vehicles are subject to virtually thousands of outside forces each time you hit the road.

Road tar, brake dust, stone chips and newly painted highway lines can all be found on your wheels at one time or another. If not caught in time, these residues can cause staining and marring on one of the most eye catching features of your vehicle. Retail cleaning and touch up products are available although they represent more of a temporary fix rather than a permanent one.

Whether you have aluminum or steel wheels, powder coating rims cost a fraction of buying new wheels and the appearance is one of a brand new set of rims. The application of powder coating is done by spraying electrically charged powder coating materials to the grounded part. The powder adheres to the wheel by the electrostatic attraction and then is exposed to heat enabling the powder to flow and eventually cure.

Fully covering the surface, even nooks and crannies, the powder coating process creates a long lasting, brilliantly colored surface that will do your ride justice. The same Electro Tech Coating process can also spruce up the many weathered items around your home as well. Items such as:

  1. metal patio furniture that has faded or is chipping
  2. gates and fences
  3. decorative Items
  4. bird cages
  5. tools
  6. and any metal restoration project that you have been putting off.

Vintage automobiles that have custom wheels are a prime candidate for powder coating. Vehicle.Orange Wheels

Many of these wheels are either hard to find or non-existent, and half centuries of use and the tarnishing that goes with that can be eliminated. Comparing the cost of powder coating rims to fruitlessly seeking replacements that are likely costly if found, makes economic sense.

Electro Tech Coatings is a family operated company that has been helping consumers and manufacturers alike for over 15 years. Our quality control and commitment to excellence has seen our family partnership grow from four people to twenty operating two shifts per day.

We will not release any product from our facility until we are satisfied with the results and, in turn, offer that same reassurance to our customers. It is our mission to deliver each product within the time quoted, if not earlier.

For an estimate on the cost to powder coat wheels and rims, contact us at 1(760) 746-0292.

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