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Powder Coating Powder Coating FAQ


Posted By rickd2015

Powder Coating Questions, questions, questions . . .
These are the questions we are asked most frequently, if you have others, please contact us at adam@electrotechcoatings.com
What can be Powder Coated?


wrought iron work
car chassis

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Powder Coating

Fast, Cheap and Good

Posted By rickd2015

You have probably heard the phrase, “You can have it fast, cheap or good, but not all three.” When you think about it, there is truth to that saying. But before a business does any one of those, it is important to consider customer service.
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Powder Coating Powder Coating Process

Part Preparation

Posted By rickd2015

Whether in the kitchen or in the garage, the key to doing a good job is in the preparation. In the case of powder coating, a clean, etched surface is the ideal way to ensure an even coating. But before we clean and etch the

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