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Powder Coating

Completely Customized BMX Bike

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If you thought your bike frame was a thing of beauty, just wait!

We Powder Coat Bicycles
Just ask Adam’s nephew, Colton, about the BMX bike he had coated in a bright “ANTIFREEZE”. WE HAVE COLORS COLORS COLORS!
There is no limit to the combinations of colors and textures available.

You took the time and spent the money to upgrade your Mongoose L100 to your precise specs—Animal Butcher pegs, Odyssey A+ wheels and Ross V2 tires, Fyxation Gates pedals. And it’s everything you imagined it would be: stiff as carbon, light as air and completely indestructible. You’re turning heads before you even pull a single stunt. But the fact that you can freestyle means that you truly own that machine.

And yet, there’s still something missing. There’s not a stock part attached to that beautiful frame, but it still doesn’t feel entirely your own. Then it hit you. Google “bike frame powder coating” and get yourself a custom look.

You’ve had a color scheme in mind all along. But it didn’t occur to you until a couple minutes ago that the one piece you didn’t swap out was up for consideration, too. You don’t have to live with a factory finish. In fact, we can even move the discussion beyond basic black, royal blue and neon pink. Everything we powder coat is a custom job. So this is your chance to conjure up something truly one-of-a-kind. Let there be no misunderstanding when you ride out of here; this is your bike, and your bike alone.

Powder coating bikes is what we do, so allow us to describe just how smart the decision is that you’re about to make.

Powder coating is more durable than paint. If you thought your bike could take a beating before, it’ll barely break a sweat now. Not only will you find the color you want, we can also adjust the gloss and make it especially resilient against savage conditions (and you).

Every other choice you made here was guided by performance and looks. This one is no different. Your frame’s going to hold up to wear even better now, and it’ll look like a beast from the top of the food chain as it does. That’s a lot to live up to, but we’re sure you can handle it. Call us today at 760-746-0292 (North San Diego area) and lets get your BMX powder coated customized!

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Powder Coating For Bikes In Over 200 colors

Metal Fabricators Powder Coating

A Reliable Partner for Independent Fabricators

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Just like you, we’re building our business one customer at a time

One of the most difficult aspects of being an independent fabricator is outsourcing any part of the process. You’ve gone out on your own because you’re confident in your ability. But, your time and resources are limited;you can’t do everything yourself. And because your business is relatively unknown, your margin for error for developing a network of subcontractors that meets your exacting specs is minimal, at best. A wrong turn, maybe two, could be the end of your dream.

We are a family-owned and -operated powder coating shop—the few among us who aren’t family members may as well be. We specialize in custom production work like yours. We operate a batch-oven system, along with another small oven for especially intricate projects, which affords us a great deal of flexibility with orders of all sizes and shapes. So whether it’s a one-off or a full run, we’ll dedicate the same kind of meticulous attention that your product received in your shop prior to its arrival. And we’re right in the industrial hub of North San Diego County, within easy reach of the Barham/Woodland Parkway exit, so dropping off and picking up are two less potential headaches.

And then there’s the powder coating itself, the benefits of which you’re likely already fully aware —the durability, the affordability, the super-clean aesthetic. But there’s even more than that. Yes, we specialize in custom powder coating services, but we’ve also developed a pretty stout reputation through the years for our custom powder coating colors. Come to us with a particular look in mind for your component, and we’ll help you realize it. Just because you’re independent doesn’t mean you should have to compromise. We both are more agile than the large outfits—at least, that’s the way we’ve always approached it.

When you’re building a business a customer at a time, you need partners that you can fully rely on. We’d like to count ourselves among them. But don’t take our word for it. Contact us at 760-746-0292 for a free quote, and allow us to prove our worth.

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powder coating wheels

Powder Coating Powder Coating FAQ

How Durable Are Powder-Coated Wheels

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You Love the Look, But Just How Durable Are Powder-Coated Wheels?

You arrived here because you were sitting at an intersection today when you caught a gunmetal Range Rover with matte-black wheels rolling past in the other direction. And you thought, for about the three hundredth time this month, I want that!

Those wheels, they’re following you everywhere—Mission Valley, Trader Joe’s, the movies, the beach. It’s fair to say you’ve been lusting after them longer than any girl of recent memory. And now it seems you’re finally ready to act upon it. Sure, you’ve pined over countless sets of wheels plenty of times before—so much so that you’ve become deeply paranoid about people looking over your shoulder while you’re staring down at your phone in line—but now you’re forming a game plan: to paint or powder-coat?

What is powder coating?

It’s a resin-based product that’s made from a combination of ingredients that varies slightly depending on the desired outcome. Basically, the formula can be tweaked to make the powder coating especially resistant to corrosion, or high-gloss or durable.

Just how durable is powder coating?

Let’s put it this way: Powder coating comprises 15 percent of all protective coatings today, and that share’s only increasing. It’s not just its versatility—almost anything metal can be powder coated—it’s also its strength. Powder coating doesn’t prevent rust, but it is more resistant to the elements and everyday wear and tear than paint because it’s applied thicker, which also gives it a cleaner finished look.

But the looming question remains, can you get those wheels in matte black? Yep. We do custom powder coating colors.

You know what you need to do now: Contact us for a free estimate of the cost to powder coat your wheels. It’s time to flip the script on that drive-by and leave someone else flush with envy.


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Powder Coating For Bikes In Over 200 colors

Metal Fabricators Powder Coating

San Diego’s Most In-demand Fabricators

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Southern California metal fabricators, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are the partner you’ve been holding out for. Our experience makes us one of the longest-running powder coating shops in San Diego. And with that experience comes an expertise that matches your own. Over the last couple of decades, we’ve encountered just about every conceivable challenge, and found our way through each time.

You’re here because the benefits of powder coating are indisputable. It’s more durable and resistant to corrosion and the elements than paint. That out of the way, we can spare you the sales pitch. What you need to know is how Electro Tech Powder Coating can help you keep up with your ever-growing demand. So here are the essential details:

  • Our 13,000-square foot shop is located in San Marcos, North San Diego County’s industrial hub, which makes deliveries and pick-ups easy, even for your large loads.
  • Our gas-fired batch oven system can accommodate your largest pieces. It also provides us with a greater measure of flexibility with custom projects like yours.
  • And we employ a staff of 20 strong that’s split between two shifts daily.

What all this boils down to is, we can provide your production run, however small or large, with the same personal and perfectionist attention that it received in your hands. And we can do it quickly. Which means you’ll be able to get back to focusing on what you do best, and more of it.

For a free estimate of the cost of powder coating your next project, contact us. There’s work to be done. Let’s get down to it.

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Electrotech Coatings. San Marcos, CA 92069 760-746-0292

Powder Coating Powder Coating FAQ

Why Is Powder Coating Better Than Painting

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You pulled a major coup. Last week, wandering through Kobey’s Summer Night Market, you turned the corner, and there they were: a pair of midcentury metal patio chairs, the kind that are being snatched up for a couple hundred bucks apiece on eBay. They looked their age (and then some), but structurally, they were sound. You handed over $30 for them, loaded them into the back of your car and waited until you were tucked into the driver’s seat to let a wide smile spread across your face.


But now what? You know you need to get these chairs looking pristine to rake in your rightful profit. A coating

Planter boxes
Planter boxes

(or 10) of spray paint’s not going to cut it. A quick search told you, at least, that powder coating is better than painting (because it’s, foremost in this case, more durable and resistant to corrosion), which led you here. Good move.

What can you powder coat?

So let us tell you how we can help. First, we’ve been around for over two decades, so yours isn’t the first piece of patio furniture we’ve come across. In fact, if you’ve started to wonder, at this point, What, exactly, can you powder coat, the answer would be shorter if we listed what you couldn’t. Almost 15 percent of all protective coatings applied today are powder coating, and that number’s steadily rising.


We can develop a custom powder coating color to restore your chairs to their original high-gloss cherry red, or, if you’re catering to a more modern-minded buyer, a semi-gloss gunmetal. And we use a batch oven system that provides us with a greater measure of flexibility with custom projects, which translates to a faster turnaround. So you’ll have those chairs online before the week’s end.


The vintage finds may not come as easily as this one. But once they do, know that you can turn to Electro Tech Powder Coating in San Diego to help you capitalize.


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Powder Coating

Friendly, Competent and Reliable

Posted By rickd2015

In business for over two decades, we are a local company that has been providing high quality powder coating services to small and large Commercial, Industrial & Residential customers. We provide an affordable high quality professional finish to metal. Our goal is to provide professional quality and efficient powder coating services, for projects of all sizes, to the public and commercial clients with friendly, competent and reliable services.

Here's Adam helping a  customer
Here’s Adam helping a powder coating customer

Where Can I Find Power Coating Service in Southern California?

At Electro Tech Coatings, we specialize in both household and commercial powder coating jobs of all sizes. Electro Tech powder coating services have a proven track record of quality and dependability, and we serve San Diego and the surround southern California areas. Our family owned and operated powder coating company has built our business by providing top-quality powder coating services on time and on budget.

To learn more about our services, including our large batch oven that is ideal for manufacturers and metal fabricators, contact us  or call 760-746-0292and we will be happy to show you the difference that Electro Tech’s superior service makes.

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Powder Coating Powder Coating FAQ


Posted By rickd2015

Powder Coating Questions, questions, questions . . .

These are the questions we are asked most frequently, if you have others, please contact us at adam@electrotechcoatings.com

What can be Powder Coated?

bicycles gates tools
fences wrought iron work car chassis
carparts bed frames chairs & tables
patio furniture motorcycles appliance parts
dune buggy frames window frames cabinet hardware
 almost anything metal…

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a resin based product with different ingredients added for various applications – polyester, epoxy, urethane, or a hybrid mixture. Each offers a unique combination of desirable characteristics:

Providing: Resistance to:
durability wear
resilience corrosion
high-gloss or semi-gloss impact
electrical insulation chemical action
toughness weather

We also offer a moisture-resistant PLASTIC Coating – Great for items with lots of outdoor exposure.

Why should I choose Powder Coating?

If you want a finer quality, longer lasting color finish than what you can get with ordinary liquid paint. Powder coating is the way to go.

Today almost 15% of all protective coatings applied today are powder coating and that number continues to grow. Consumers have grown to expect and request the quality and durability of Powder Coating.

Does Powder Coating prevent rust?

Powder coating is durable and very long-lasting depending on its environment and how the items are used. It is not, however, a rust preventive. Pre-treatment and/or primer coating is helpful for longer coating life.

Can galvanized metal be powder coated?

Yes! Certain pre-treatment or “out-gassing” is required before coating, but both hot dip and electro galvanized materials can be powder coated.

How do I have my items Powder Coated?

  • Remove all plastic, rubber, wood & excess oil or grease from your items.
  • Bring your items to be coated into our facility during business hours.
  • Choose the color you want from the many colors we carry in stock or order a special color.
  • We prep your items, coat them and have them ready for you to pick up on your appointed delivery date.
For auto parts: Remember that we use sandblasting to prepare your parts for coating. You must be sure to thoroughly clean your parts of residual sand before you use them!
Need More Info?

We would love to help you with your powder coating questions and of course we look forward to doing business with you. Let us know how we can help you. Send us your questions or other comments at adam@electrotechcoatings.com

Trust all of your custom powder coating requirements to Electro Tech Coatings. Call us today at (760) 746-0292.

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Powder Coating

Fast, Cheap and Good

Posted By rickd2015

You have probably heard the phrase, “You can have it fast, cheap or good, but not all three.” When you think about it, there is truth to that saying. But before a business does any one of those, it is important to consider customer service.

As long as we can provide the best in customer service and communication, the other three take care of themselves.

First of all, there is no compromising with GOOD. No matter what your other requirements, we do not settle for second best when it comes to your powder coating.

If you need it FAST, we will not hurry the work, or else it wouldn’t be GOOD. You are asking us to place your work ahead of others’ whose parts are already in line. Expediting work requires that we reschedule our prep and possibly our powder order. We also have to consider whether we will be able to complete all the other jobs we have promised. So, if FAST is a priority for you, that will require an additional fee.

Speaking of fees, if you want CHEAP work, you might want to remember the saying, “you get what you pay for.” For the past 20 years, we have based our pricing on what it costs to provide our customers with the best powder coating we can. It has paid off for us in return customers and our business continues to grow. While you won’t get it CHEAP, you can always count on GOOD. That’s the reason we are still here to serve you since 1996.

At Electro Tech Coatings, we specialize in both household and commercial powder coating jobs of all sizes.

Electro Tech powder coating services have a proven track record of quality and dependability, and we serve San Diego and the surround southern California areas. Our family owned and operated powder coating company has built our business by providing top-quality powder coating services on time and on budget. Call us at 760-746-0292 for free estimates.

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Powder Coating Powder Coating Process

Part Preparation

Posted By rickd2015

Whether in the kitchen or in the garage, the key to doing a good job is in the preparation. In the case of powder coating, a clean, etched surface is the ideal way to ensure an even coating. But before we clean and etch the parts we ask that you bring them to us ready to prep. Here are some tips:

  • Disassemble the parts you want coated separately. Assembled parts will be coated as a unit and may not be removable without damaging the coating.
  • Remove all non-metal parts such as:ornaments, plastic adornments. bushings, electrical wiring, feet, pads or webbing.
  • Clean off excess oils or fluids, grease and road grime.

Pot metal and cast parts require additional prep called, “outgassing.” When heated, these metals release gasses that can become trapped in the powder coating as it cures. By pre-heating these items before coating, we hope to reduce or eliminate this, but cannot guarantee a bubble-free finish.

Prep.Wheels just sandblasted Prep.Masked Wheel

To learn more about our powder coating services, including our large batch oven that is ideal for manufacturers and metal fabricators, contact us and we will be happy to show you the difference that Electro Tech’s superior service makes.

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Powder Coating FAQ Powder Coating Process

What Is Powder Coating

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Powder Coating Process

Electrostatic powder coating process is a method of applying electricallycharged powder coating materials to grounded parts. Powder is held to the part by this electrostatic attraction until heat is added to flow the powder together and cure it.

Powder Coating Process

Powder may adhere to the workpiece for several hours. If the uncured powder coat is damaged or blemished during handling, powder can simply be blown off with air or vacuumed and a new coat applied.

Four basic pieces of equipment commonly comprise an electrostatic powder spray coating system. They are the powder feeder, power unit, electrostatic gun, and powder booth recovery system.

Powder CoatingPowder is supplied to the spray gun from a feeder unit where the powder is diffused by compressed air into a fluid-like state. The fluidized powder is then siphon out by movement of high velocity air flowing through a venturi. It is propelled through the powder feed tubing to the spray gun.

The powder feeder provides a controlled flow of powder to the guns. Independent control of powder and air volume allows adjustable dilution ratios so a desired thickness coverage can be attained on a variety of product shapes. The powder feeder is capable of providing sufficient discharge pressure and velocity to feed the electrostatic gun 10 to 25 feet away.

Powder Coating

Powder leaves the spray gun in a form of a diffused cloud being propelled toward the work-piece. A high voltage, low amperage power unit supplies a charging electrode at the front of the spray gun. The charging electrode emits a field charge which is imparted to the powder particles. This causes them to seek out and attach themselves to the grounded work-piece.

The powder unit, or electrostatic voltage generator, has sufficient voltage to assure maximum wraparound. Voltage is variable up to 90 kV so that is may be; (1) reduced to combat Faraday “cages” encountered in spraying inside corners; (2) increased as necessary to provide wraparound, surface coverage, and efficient deposition of powder on convex surfaces and flat panels; and (3) adjusted for the powder being sprayed.

This information provided by Nordson Corporation

Trust all of your custom powder coating requirements to Electro Tech Coatings in the San Diego metro area. Call us today at (760) 746-0292.

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