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Exceptional Powder Coating Services For All Your Metal Products

Electro Tech Powder Coating is a family-owned and operated company serving the San Diego County region of Southern California. Established in 1994, Electro Tech has proven itself a leader in personalized service and getting the job done right the first time.

Manufacturers and Fabricators

Our specialty is in customized production work. So, whether the product is a “one-off” or you are ready to produce 100’s of items, Electro Tech will strive to provide you with timely, quality-controlled powder coating service.


Let us show you how powder coating can give new life to your metal household items such as patio furniture, bicycles, car parts, gates and fences.

Environmental Compliance

Powder Coating’s efficiency, economy, and energy savings works for the environment as well. This process produces no VOCs – meaning the air is environmentally safer!

Count On Us

With 2 daily shifts operated by 20 people, we are able to have a consistent track record of on time delivery and in some cases earlier than the deadline. Trust all of your custom powder coating requirements to Electro Tech Coatings. Call us today at (760) 746-0292.

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San Diego Bike Frame Powder Coating

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Where Every Bike Frame Powder Coating Job is Custom
We’ve come to expect everything to be within easy reach, from the answers to our strange, spur-of-the-moment questions to our groceries to our mates, for this weekend and forever. But that constant convenience hasn’t come cheaply.

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Powder Coating

Why Powder Coating Is Better Than Painting

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The distinction between powder coating and painting extends below the surface
You’re probably already somewhat aware of how, exactly, powder coating is better than painting. You’re reading this on a powder coating shop’s blog, after all. For one, powder coating goes on evenly and leaves

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What Exactly Is Powder Coating?

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A Very Non-Technical Description of the Powder Coating Process
You’ve seen it enough to know you love the look of it. And you’ve probably heard a lot about it. But you’re still wondering, what is powder coating? We’ll answer that question here, once and for

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